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The Complexity of Abduction for Equality Constraint Languages, LIPICS–LEIBNIZ INTERNATIONAL PROCEEDINGS IN INFORMATICS vol. 23 (2013), 615--633
Making triangles colorful, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY vol. 4 (2013), 240-246
On interval edge-colorings of complete tripartite graphs, COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES (CSIT) (2013), 1-3
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Coloring triangle-free rectangular frame intersection graphs with O(log log n) colors vol. 8165 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2013), "Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science, 39th International Workshop, WG 2013, Lübeck, Germany, June 19-21, 2013, Revised Papers", Springer
Coloring intersection graphs of arcwise connected sets in the plane vol. 16 of CRM Series (2013), "The Seventh European Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications, EuroComb 2013", Springer