Nazwa konferencjiPunkty 2019Punkty 2020Punkty 2021
Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks [SCN]707070
Conference on Security in Network Architectures and Information Systems [SAR-SSI]202020
Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training [CSEET]202020
Conference on Software in Telecommunications and Computer Networks [SOFTCOM]707070
Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures [QoSA]707070
Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation [TAMC]707070
Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis [VDA]202020
Constraint Databases and Applications [CDB]202020
Constraint Programming Day [CPD]202020
Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering [CDVE]202020
Coordinated and Multiple Views in Exploratory Visualization [CMV]202020
Cryptography Policy and Algorithms Conference [CryPAC]202020
Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communications [CATAC]707070
Cultural Heritage Knowledge Visualisation [CHKV]202020
Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science [SOFSEM]707070
Data Compression Conference [DCC]200200200
Data Semantics in Web Information Systems [DASWIS]202020
Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery [DaWaK]707070
Database Programming Languages [DBPL]707070
Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases [DOOD]140140140
Design and Aesthetics in Visualisation [DAViz]202020
Design and Management of Data Warehouses [DMDW]202020
Design Automation Conf [DAC]140140140
Design for User Experience [DUX]707070
Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference [DATE]707070
Designing Interactive Systems [DIS]707070
Developments in eSystems Engineering [DeSE]202020
Developments in Language Theory [DLT]707070
Digital Arts and Culture [DAC]202020
Digital Audio Effects Conference [DAFX]707070
Digital Games Research Conference [DIGRA]202020
Digital Image Computing Techniques and Applications [DICTA]202020
DIMACS Workshop on Intrinsic Complexity of Computation [DIMACS Intrinsic]202020
Discourse Anaphora and Anaphor Resolution Colloquium [DAARC]202020
Discovery Science [DS]202020
Discrete and Algorithmic Geometry [DAG]202020
Discrete Models: Combinatorics, Computation and Geometry [DM-CCG]202020
Distributed Communities on the Web Workshop [Dcw]202020
Distributed Simulation Symposium [DSS]707070
DNA Computing and Molecular Programming [DNA]707070
Doing IT at Melbourne [DITAM]202020
Domain - Specific Languages for Software Engineering [DSLSE]202020
Domain Specific Aspect Languages [DSAL]202020
Dutch Computational Geometry Day [DutchCG]202020
dvances in Neural Information Processing Systems [NeurIPS]200200200
Dynamic Graph Workshop [DGW]202020
Dynamic Languages Symposium [DLS]707070
easurement and Modeling of Computer Systems [SIGMETRICS]200200200
eb and Big Data [APWEB]707070
ECRYPT Workshop on Cryptographic Hash Functions202020