Nazwa konferencjiPunkty 2019Punkty 2020Punkty 2021
Complex Objects Visualization Workshop [COV]202020
Complexity and information-theoretic approaches to biology [CITB]707070
Computability in Europe: Logic and Theory of Algorithms [CiE]202020
Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems [CISIS]707070
Computational Techniques and Applications Conference [CTAC]202020
Computational Topology Workshop [CT]202020
Computer Aided Verification [CAV]200200200
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing [CASC]707070
Computer Animation, Information Visualisation, and Digital Effects [CAivDE]202020
Computer Graphics International [CGI]707070
Computer Science Research Conference [CSRC]202020
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning [CSCL]140140140
Computing in Education Group of Victoria Conference [CEG]202020
Computing: The Australasian Theory Symposium [CATS]202020
Conference for the International Simulation and Gaming Association [ISAGA]202020
Conference in Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence [UAI]200200200
Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas [AMTA]707070
Conference of the Association of Asian-Pacific Operational Research Societies [APORS]202020
Conference of the Commission Internationale pour l'Etude et l'Amelioration de l'Enseignement des Mathematiques [CIEAEM]202020
Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation [EAMT]707070
Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technologies [EUSFLAT]202020
Conference of the International Society for Decision Support Systems [ISDSS]202020
Conference of the Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics [PACLING]707070
Conference on Agile Software Development [XP]707070
Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science [CALCO]707070
Conference on Algorithmic Aspects in Information and Management [AAIM]202020
Conference on Algorithms and Hardware for Parallel Processing [CONPAR]202020
Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Applications [CAIA]707070
Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Expert systems [ANNES]202020
Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications [COCOA]707070
Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning [CoNLL]140140140
Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy [CFP]202020
Conference on Discrete Mathematics, Algebra and their Application [DIMA]202020
Conference on File and Storage Technologies [FAST]140140140
Conference on Fun with Algorithms [FUN]707070
Conference on Games [COG]202020
Conference on Graph Theory and Discrete Geometry [CGTDG]202020
Conference on Information Science, Technology and Management [CISTM]707070
Conference on Information Sciences and Systems [CISS]202020
Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks [ICIN]202020
Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research [CIDR]140140140
Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization [IPCO]140140140
Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics [CICM]202020
Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving (previously TPHOLs, changed in 2009) [ITP]140140 
Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving [ITP]140140140
Conference on Learning Theory [COLT]200200200
Conference on Office Information Systems [SIGOA]202020
Conference on Orders, Algorithms and Applications [Ordal]202020
Conference on RFID Security [RFIDSec]202020